Monday, November 19, 2007

SCBWI South Africa’s December 2007 Event, Cape Town.

[See also (below) what events are planned for 2008]
Season’s Greetings from Marjorie & Paddy, South African SCBWI


Date: 6th December 2007
Time: 11:00—17:00
Where: At Wendy Hartmann’s home, (For directions
Email -
Cost: Non SCBWI Members & SCBWI Members R25.00 (Includes tea/coffee.) The South African Society has decided to carry some of the cost and has reduced the fee for the Christmas event.
RSVP: To book please e-mail before 27th November. NB! - put DECEMBER BOOK PARTY in the e-mails subject line
e-mail - put DECEMBER BOOK PARTY in the e-mails subject line
Description: Make a fantasy Christmas hat and bring it along. Dress up as your favourite book character and bring yourself along. Bring a small inexpensive wrapped gift AND A plate of decadent stuff to eat.
The best hat and best book character will win prizes! As in previous years the hats will go to the Tygerberg Hospital oncology ward for the children who have to stay in the hospital over Christmas.
We will exchange gifts, talk Children’s Books, eat, drink coffee and tea and be merry.
Anyone who had a book or books published during the year can bring it. (Publishers welcome to show their books too!) You can make an announcement or display your book. A space will be available where books can be displayed. So bring some of your books along to promote yourself!
You are also invited to talk about and show work in progress. (for publication 2008/9)


SOUTH AFRICAN CHAPTER OF THE SCBWI’s 2008 EVENTS - Make a note on your Calender!

General - For information of SCBWI South Africa informal gatherings and critique sessions held in 2008 visit this Blog again or go to the Gauteng SCBWI SA Blog

SCBWI South Africa’s January 2008 Event, Cape Town. (TBC)

“Enfolded by a broody hen”: satisfying some psychological needs of the child through books

Presenter: Andree-Jeanne Tötemeyer
Date: Tuesday 22nd January 2008 (TBC)
Time: 13:30—16:00
Where: Bellville Public Library, Bellville (Cape Town)
Cost: Non SCBWI Members R80 & SCBWI Members R50.00 (Includes tea/coffee & sandwiches.)
RSVP: To book please e-mail before 15th January 2008. NB! - put Jeanne Totemeyer in the e-mails subject line
Inquirers: E-mail NB! - put Jeanne Totemeyer in the e-mails subject line
Specific requirements: Please specify if you are vegetarian

Description: Acclaimed Afrikaans children’s book writer, Hester Heese stated: “A children’s book is like a broody hen; it enfolds the child”. In this informal and entertaining talk, the speaker with the use of well-known children’s picture books, will demonstrate what a book can do for a child. Using and adaptation and modification of American children’s books expert, May Hill Arbuthnot’s psychological needs of the child, she will show how nine psychological needs of the child can be satisfied by books.

Andree-Jeanne Totemeyer has specialised and lectured in children's and youth literature for 25 years at four different universities and has more than 50 journal articles and chapters in books to her credit. A former professor and head of the Department of Information Studies of the University of Namibia, Jeanne took early retirement during 1997 in order to have more time for her work in the area of children's literature and readership and creative writing for children. Jeanne has acted as a judge for many children's literary prizes and she regularly offers demo-talks to educators, parents, librarians and children's book enthusiasts on topics in the field of children's books.


SCBWI South Africa’s February 2008 Event, Cape Town.

Layout and book design.

Presenters: A panel of established illustrators and experts on book design.
Date: February 2008 (TBC)
Time: 09:00 —17:00
Where: Bellville Public Library, Bellville (Cape Town)
Cost: Non SCBWI Members R80 & SCBWI Members R50.00 (Includes tea/coffee & sandwiches.)
RSVP: To book please e-mail before 30th January 2008. NB! - put LAYOUT in the e-mails subject line
Inquirers: E-mail NB! - put Layout in the e-mails subject line
Specific requirements: Please specify if you are vegetarian

Description: An interactive discussion about designing a Book cover and page layouts. The look of your book is the most important advertising element in selling your book. That is why your book layout design must have a professional appearance, with a cover design that will draw the attention of your target market. In this discussion we will look at the following elements
Designing a Book cover and page layouts:
Designing your book cover and interior pages. Checking proofs to avoid mistakes. Managing a publishing project – communication between editor, proof-reader and/or printer, writer, illustrator, book designer.
Important aspects kept in mind while design a book cover and page layout design: How a book cover design can propel your book sales How to think like a book layout designer How book development dictates design - How to choose the size & format of your book, layout, and type How to prepare your content for page layoutsUnderstanding the various parts of a book Understanding the idea-to-layout process Book cover pitfalls The book producing process


SCBWI South Africa’s May 2008 Event, Cape Town.

4-Day Writers and Illustrators Retreat

Date: 5th-9th May 2008 –TBC more info will be available early 2008 on
Where: Goudini Spa Holiday Resort, Rawsonville, 100 km from Cape Town, South Africa
Cost: TBC
RSVP: To make a preliminary booking e-mail . NB! - put Writer’s & Illustrators RETREAT in the e-mails subject line. RSVP early to ensure your booking - We will be making bookings on a first-come-first-served basis. SCBWI Members are assured of a place.
Inquirers: E-mail . NB! - put Writers & Illustrators retreat in the e-mails subject line
The Retreat is made possible in part by an SCBWI Professional Grant.

Description: The 4-Day Writers and Illustrators’ Retreat will take the form of an informal symposium at a natural warm water spa near Cape Town. The Retreat will include whole-group seminars, small workshops, one-on-one sessions, and a host of informal activities. Writers and illustrators will have the chance to mingle with accomplished and prominent, local and international children’s book authors, illustrators, editors, critics, and publishers. Each attendee will be scheduled to have a one on one review session in which they will get feedback and advice as to what direction they should take with their work and how to get publishers to actually look at their work. Our country is a beautiful and exciting destination and the Spa is situated in a particularly magnificent, mountainous part of our country. The talks, reviews and workshops will be scheduled in such a way that writers, illustrators and our guests will have time to float in the warm spring water, socialize and to dream... to charge their batteries and even become a bit healthier!
The arrangements and costing are still at the planning stages. As soon as we have finalised the figures and a more detailed programme has been drawn up, we will post these on our blog.
More about the Goudini SPA/Resort/Conference Venue see their website


Cape Town Book Fair, South Africa. June 2008.

The Publishers Association of South Africa, PASA, and the organisers of the Frankfurt (European) Book Fair will be organising the Third International Book Fair in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (dates - Sat - Mon 14th - 16th June - 10am-6pm; Tue 17th June 2008 - 10am- 5pm). SCBWI SA is again liaising with the organisers to look at how we can be a part of the fair.

The SCBWI will have a stand at the Fair and aim to facilitate means that writers and illustrators (SCBWI SA members) can display their work and make contact with the representatives from the international and local publishers coming to the Fair. (More detail will be available early in 2008)

For more information on the Cape Town Book Fair - E-mail or visit their Web site:
Or telephone +37 (0)21 418 5493

SCBWI will have a critique session a week before the book fair to help people prepare for the Fair and a Get-together after the book fair for feedback on the fair and generally talk about books


SCBWI South Africa’s September 2008 Event, Cape Town.

Publisher's Show-and-Tell Day

Date: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 – Date TBC
Time: 09:00—17:00
Where: Bellville Public Library, Bellville (Cape Town) Tel: +27 21 918-2300 – only for direction for inquirers see below
Cost: For SCBWI members R80.00 per person (includes tea & coffee and lunch); For Non-members R120.00 per person & for members R80(includes tea & coffee and lunch)
RSVP: To book please e-mail before 31st July 2008. NB! - put Publishers Day in the e-mails subject line. Since we have limited numbers of slots available, kindly RSVP early to ensure your booking - We will be making bookings on a first-come-first-served basis. SCBWI Members are assured of a place.
Inquirers: E-mail before. NB! - put Show & Tell in the e-mails subject line
Specific requirements: Please specify if you are vegetarian

Description: This will be a day for writers and illustrates to pitch their work to the publishers. It provides an opportunity for publishers to see what work our writers and illustrators have done during the past year and also for them to meet new writers and illustrators.
As soon as we have the list of publishers participating we will post the list on the Cape Town Blog
*For writers & illustrators who are unable to attend
You can send multiple copies of your form/ two pages with examples of your work (see specifications below) and we will distribute them amongst the publishers participating. Reply by 15th Febraury 2008 to
NB! - put cannot attend Pub. Day in the e-mails subject line - we will then send you the list of publishers participating. After we have received your booking we will send you the list of publishers participating, specifications for your Bio form and the address you have to post your copies to with your payment to reach us by the 15th August. Cost: R80.00.

Some Notes: As soon as the list of publisher participating is circulated, illustrators and writers that have booked must send us their preferences of which publishers they would like to meet. Number your preferences from 1-to-10. I will draw up a schedule on a first-come-first-served basis and e-mail you a schedule before the publishers day.
One illustrator will be slotted into the slots to see one publisher at a time. They will have 15 minutes to do their pitch with a publisher and will be scheduled to see at least 5 publishers during the days.
The Publisher were asked to make themselves available for the full day, from 08h30 (for tea), to start at 09h00, until 17h00. (See Below how its planned)
Each person will bring along copies of a filled-in-form with their personal details and 2 x A4 pages with examples of their work. One set for each of the publishers to take with them. So you will also get the sets of illustrators that due to the limited amount of slots you were unable to see. See conditions and tips below

Conditions for & tips for you’re Presentation

(A blank bio form & how many copies you are to bring will be sent to you with the list of publishers participating)Each person MUST bring along multiple copies of the filled in form with your personal details and additional sets of 2 x A4 pages with examples of your work. (You can use both sides of the paper) IN TOTAL a set may not be MORE THAN THREE A4 PAGES!
The multiple copies are so that each of the publishers participating to take a set with them & one set for the SCBWI SA illustrator/writer’s file). Make sure that the two pages with examples of your work have your name on and use a paper clip to join keep the 3 pages together NOT STABLED & NO FANCY FOLDERS – as this makes it difficult for the publishers to file.
You must be prepared to do your whole pitch in less than 15 minutes. Therefore prepare your portfolio in such a way that it can be handled easily. Preferable in an A3 or A4 folder that can be paged through. Rather choose a few of your best work than lots of examples with poor quality work included. If your portfolio consists mostly of reproductions of your work (i.e. in book form) bring at least two original illustrations along as well.
NB: This is a good opportunity to introduce yourselves and your work to the publishers or show your latest work to them, but there will be no feedback or comments on your work during this session –
NB - it will be the publishers’ decision whether they would like to make further contact with you afterwards.

08h30 – 09h00 Registration & Welcome
09h00 – 09h15 - 1st slot
09h15 – 09h30 - 2nd slot
09h30 – 09h45 - 3rd slot
09h45 – 10h00 - 4th slot
10h00 – 10h15 - BODY BREAK
10h15 – 10h30 - 5th slot
10h30 – 10h45 - 6th slot
10h45 – 11h00 - 7th slot
11h00 – 11h15 - 8th slot
11h15 – 11h45 - COFFEE/TEA BREAK
11h45 – 12h00 - 9th slot
12h00 – 12h15 - 10th slot
12h15 – 12h30 - 11th slot
12h30 – 12h45 – 12th slot
12h45 – 13h00 – 13th slot
13h00 – 14h00 – LUNCH BREAK (coffee, tea and Lunch snacks.)
14h00 – 14h15 – 14th slot
14h15 – 14h30 – 15th slot
14h30 – 14h45 – 16th slot
14h45 – 15h00 – 17th slot
15h00 – 15h15 BODY BREAK
15h15 - 15h30 – 18th slot
15h30 – 15h45 – 19th slot
15h45 – 16h00 – 20th slot
16h15 – 16h30 - 21st slot
16h30 – 16h45 – 22nd slot
16h45 – 17h00 – 23rd slot

SCBWI South Africa’s 2008 Exhibition, Cape Town.

· Date: 01-20 Sept 2008 – Date TBC
· Where: Bellville Public Library, Bellville (Cape Town)

SCBWI will be staging an exhibition of original South African children’s book illustrations. Date TBC – More information will be available on this blog early 2008