Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2008 M-Net/Via Afrika Literary Award Winners!

  • The M.E.R Prize for best youth novel – The Goblet Club
  • The M.E.R Prize for best illustrated children’s book – Nina and Little Duck
The Goblet Club - The M.E.R Prize for best youth novel was awarded to S.A. Partridge for The Goblet Club published by Human & Rousseau (SA) in 2007.

Nina and Little Duck - The M.E.R Prize for best illustrated children’s book was awarded to Wendy Hartmann (author) and Marjorie van Heerden (illustrator) for Nina and Little Duck published by Human & Rousseau (SA) in 2007 (also available in Afrikaans as Nina en Eendjie).

More about the awards winners on the SCBWI news blog -

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Cape Town Book Fair

SCBWI SA will be having a stand at the Book Fair again this year. Our aim is to facilitate means for SCBWI SA members to display their work at the fair and help them make contact with the representatives from the international and local publishers coming to the Fair.
The SCBWI SA stand - B 8
On Saturday afternoon, 7th June. SCBWI SA will have a critique session at Marjorie’s home. 14h00 to 17h00. To help people prepare for the Fair. For more information E-mail -

SCBWI SA will also have a Get-together after the book fair for feedback on the fair and generally talk about books –Dates TBC

Cape Town Book Fair, South Africa. June 2008. (See below the SCBWI SA participation)

The Publishers Association of South Africa, PASA, and the organisers of the Frankfurt (European) Book Fair will be organising the Third International Book Fair in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (dates - Sat - Tue 17th June 2008). The fair's primary objective is to provide an intellectual forum for all sectors of the book industry within South Africa and those interested in Africa to showcase their materials and discuss amongst peers the challenges of the industry in a globally benchmarked environment.

The venue:
CTICC, Convention Square
1 Lower Long Street
Town 8001

Adults per person 1 day: R40
Pensioners - R15 per day
Children and students for free! (All kids need to be accompanied by an adult)

Opening Hours: Sat - Mon 14th - 16th 10am - 6pm; Tue 17th 10am - 5pm.

For more information on the Cape Town Book Fair - E-mail or visit their Web site:
Or telephone +37 (0)21 418 5493; Fax: +27 (0) 21 4185949
Address: Cape Town Book Fair, Unit 212, 1. Floor, Victoria Foundry, Prestwich Street, Greenpoint, 8001, Cape Town
Postal Address: Cape Town Book Fair, P.O. Box 51498, Waterfront, 8002, Cape Town, South Africa


You are a trade visitor, if you want to

  • are engaged professionally in the creation, development, production, distribution, translation or promotion of print and electronic media as well as art
  • Work in education
  • Are a journalist
  • You want to gain visibility, make new business contacts; find out online who else is attending the Cape Town Book Fair.

But only if you register!!!!

To register – You have to go to And register online.

When registering as a trade visitor, your contact details will be displayed in the Trade Visitor Catalogue. Exhibitors and trade visitors will be able to search the catalogue even before the fair starts and thus will be able to make an appointment with you in time.

Next steps: After having submitted your registration you will get a confirmation by e-mail. Your application will then be processed and you will be duly notified if your registration is successful. You will also receive a registration number which will allow you to collect your trade visitor badge at the trade visitor registration counter at the fair. Please note that the entrance fee for a day ticket is 40 ZAR - four day ticket is are also available.


You can display your books and artwork at the SCBWI stand.

Notes for SCBWI Menbers

E-mail Astrid to to book to display your work

The limit is

  • 15 books per person
  • 2 poster size Bristol board with your artwork (See instructions below) which will be desplayed in the artwork V shaped stand (like the ones one sees in poster shops – that one can "page" through.)
  • There will also be a work in process section where you can display full manuscripts, picture book dummies or a example of your writing

The books you display do not have to only be recent books – choose your best work to display your craft well

Make sure that every book has your name and contact details in them

We will be circulating suggestions how to display your Artwork so that it could be handled easily and be safe and so that all size and thicknesses of the artwork sheets are similar

All material must have reached us by the latest Tuesday evening 10th June - if you live in the Cape area your stuff can be posted or delivered to Astrid Castle, M202 Melrose Village, Melrose ave, Muizenburg 7945, Cape; Telephone: 021 788 1666; cell: 084 687 8747; OR you can bring your stuff directly to the book fair to the SCBWI stall on Friday morning. We will be there -setting up & decorating the stand.

If you will be at the Book Fair, 16-19 June, it is very important to register as a Trade Visitor – this you can do by going online and follow instructions - you only pay the normal entrance fee (R40 a day). To register is very important because… only if you have registered can you go round to the publishers and show your work to them

If you will be attending the fair and are able to help us at the stand please contact Astrid – we need two people at the stand all the time – we will be working out a schedule.

We will take care that your work will be safe, each evening at the close of the fair a screen will be fitted to the entrance of the stand, but SCBWI cannot be responsible for any lost or damage of your work.

At the end of the fair you must come and collect your stuff – What is not collected will be taken to Marjorie’s home and you must make arrangement for it to be fetched.

During the fair SCBWI will be available for any advise on approaching publishers – come and see us at the stand

Please feel free to call me with any questions but PLEEEASE call in office hours – I'm working hard and long hours and if I do get to rest in the evenings I hate it to be woken up by a late telephone call - Tel no 021 856 0432

Here are instructions how to prepare your work to exhibit at the SCBWI SA stand at the Cape Town Book Fair. Our stand - B 8

The boards are going to lie in a V-shaped holder (as for posters) in our stall and visitors will be allowed to page through them.

Please follow the instructions precisely!

  • You will need two sheets of Triplex board, 620 grams (1020 X 770mm) obtainable at The Deckle Edge @ R28.00, plus Acetate 175 microns (762mm width) available at Deckle Edge @ R21.85 a metre.
  • Cut four mounting boards 50 x 70 cm. (this is crucial as all the work to be exhibited must be on the same sized mounts). If it is a different size we will NOT put it on display. Two boards are for backing the other two for the windows.
  • Maximum of two boards with illustrations allowed per person
  • You can have more than one illustration per board. It can be published or unpublished work, but it must be intended for children. You can position your illustrations to lie either landscape or portrait.
  • You must cut window mounts, but remember to leave some breathing space (at least 2cm) between the illustrations and 3cm around the edges – more is better. To protect your work, cover each illustration with acetate before positioning them in the window. The acetate must be between your illustration and the front board
  • Make sure you attach your illustrations securely so that they do not come loose and slide down.
  • Attach a board to the back of the board on which you have mounted your illustration. This will make it better able to stand up to handling and also keep your work safe. The back will also be neat. Remember the work will be paged through like a book.
  • The illustrations must be displayed one side only. These mounted illustrations will then be ready to be displayed at an exhibition that will be held in September. That is (a) if you wish them to be submitted for the exhibition and (b) if they are selected by the panel of judges who are organising the September exhibition, as space will be limited.
  • Put an information sheet (A4) on the back of each of your boards. This should include your photograph, contact details and any other (brief) information about yourself that you think is relevant. Also please have a list of the illustrations that are on the front, title of the book/s, and the author/s and publisher/s. Please print an extra two A4 information sheets and deliver this in an A4 envelope. These will be used for the exhibition if your work is selected.
  • Deliver it to us at the Convention Centre on Friday 13th June CTICC, Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town 8001 or deliver it on or before Thursday evening 12th June to Astrid Castle, M202 Melrose Village, Melrose ave, Muizenburg 7945, Cape; Telephone: 021 788 1666; cell: 084 687 8747.
  • Please do not use old board - MAKE SURE YOUR BOARD LOOKS NEAT AND CLEAN!

That's about it! We look forward to seeing your work.