Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SCBWI SA October Event

The creative process of illustrating Long Walk to Freedom, the picture book version of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography - illustrator, Paddy Bouma

Region: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Wednesday, 27th October 2010

Time: 10h00

Enquiries: By e-mail to and (NB!) please put Enquiries – October Talk in your e-mail’s subject line.

Venue: In Paddy Bouma’s studio at her home - Waterhof Farm, Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch.

For direction see map below – end of e-mail.

Cost: R60 (this includes tea/snack).

RSVP: e-mail to and (NB!) October Talk in your e-mail’s subject line. Deadline Friday 22nd October 2010

Description of Event: Paddy Bouma illustrated the new, Chris van Wyk-abridged Long Walk to Freedom – a task that took almost a year to complete. She calls the work the crowning moment of her career. Paddy will talk about the creative process of illustrating Long Walk to Freedom, the picture book version of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography

Paddy, international award-winning illustrator, will explain and show in some detail the process she followed to research and create her stunning authentic illustrations, explaining her methods and techniques and tell about the research

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 2010 (Cape Town)

SCBWI (SA) Open Book Day & Critique session at Marjorie's Home

Region: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Saturday, 28 August 2010

Time: 11h00 – 17h00

Venue: 153 Beach Rd, Gordon's Bay. e-mail for directions –

RSVP: Please e-mail before 23 August and put Book Day in subject line.

Cost: R50.00 per person (includes a snack lunch and coffee and tea)

Description: SCBWI SA will have a Get-together… Publishers, writers and illustrators are invited to spend a day with Marjorie at her home to talk, and talk, and talk about children's books. Writers and illustrators will have a chance to show their illustrations or read an extract from their work in a critique session.

Marjorie van Heerden (Co-RA) will tell all about her trip to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cape Town Book Fair - 2010

30th July - 2 August 2010

Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to exhibit your work at the Cape Town Book Fair

Dear SCBWI Member,

The Frankfurt (European) Book Fair and PASA will be organising the Fifth International Book Fair in Cape Town. Venue: The Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Their aim is to create the most stimulating and exciting fair yet, with far more events.

SCBWI (SA) will be having a stand as usual where SCBWI members can display their work. Our aim is to publicise the advantages of SCBWI membership, to display the work of our members and to help South African writers and illustrators to make contact with the representatives from the international and local publishers coming to the Fair.

We also need your help to run the stand. Celeste Loriston (see contact details below) will be organising this and urgently needs to know the times when you can help.

Non SCBWI Members - We need quite a few people to man our stand during the Book Fair – So if you are not a member yet – if you can help us at man the stand for an hour or two, you can display your books/work in progress. We need two people manning the stand at all times.

Please contact Celeste Loriston (083 708 4917) as soon as possible but NOT LATER THAN 19th July 2010 to let her know ASAP what time slots you are able to do (we need two people at a time). Ideally we need you to do a two-hour stint but if that is not possible, a one-hour stint.

More Information about the Book Fair


Phone: +27 (0) 21 4185493
Fax: +27 (0) 21 4185949

Entry Fee

Adults - R60 per day except Friday – see below

Students & Pensioners - R25 per day

Children until the age of 13 - Free

Friday 30th July 2010 will be the very first Cape Town Book Fair Professional Day with a professional programme for all exhibitors and trade visitors.

8am till 6pm - Trade Visitors and Exhibitors only

If you want to attend this day, as a writer and/or illustrator, to show your illustrations and/or manuscript to publishers, you have to register as trade visitor – the cost os R 335 per person for the day – for more info and what the benefits are, go to

To register, go to

Writers and/or illustrators who want to show their work to publishers on Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday after 10:00, do not have to be registered as trade visitors. The cost will only be the R60 per visitor for the day


Saturday 31st July 2010

8:00 till 10:00 - Trade Visitors and Exhibitors only

10:00 till 18:00 - All visitors

Sunday 1st August 2010

8:00 till 10:00: Trade Visitors and Exhibitors only

10:00 till 18:00- All visitors

Monday 2nd August 2010

8:00 till 10:00: - Trade Visitors and Exhibitors only

10:00 till 16:00 - All visitors

Exhibiting your work


  • Boards will be displayed in a V shaped poster holder so visitors to the stand can page through them (MAXIMUM OF TWO BOARDS ARE ALLOWED PER ILLUSTRATOR)
  • You can display published or unpublished work suitable for children’s books
  • Use two sheets of Tripex board (620 grams and 1020x770mm) @ R35.00 and Acetate 175 microns (762 width) @ R35.90 a metre. ( Both these products are available at Deckle Edge (Woodstock (021) 448 6800 or Stellenbosch (021) 880 2816)
  • Cut 4 mounting boards (50x70 cm) (Two to be used for backing and two for windows)
  • Cut window mounts. (leave 2-3 cm breathing space and 3 cm between each illustration)
  • Cover each illustration with acetate (Before positioning in the window mounts).
  • Attach the extra boards to the back of the board on which you have mounted your illustration for strength and for it to look neater.
  • Illustrations must be firmly secured to the board and be displayed on one side only (you can have more than one illustration per board).


  • A limit of 15 published Books per person. These books should be DIFFERENT publications and not copies of the same publication. Choose your best work, not necessarily your most recent publications.
  • We will also have a work in process section
  • In the past the work-in-progress area looked a bit untidy so this year we will have a ring binder with plastic sheets in which writers’ and writer/illustrators’ work in progress can be displayed.
  • Each person can have 6 X A4 pages in plastic sleeves for the SCBWI SA ring binder book
  • If you would like to display your work/manuscript or picture book dummy separately it must be neatly bound
  • Please include a CV which includes a photo and/or images; a list of your publications (Two A 4 pages maximum) and a synopsis of your story and an example of your manuscript (the way you prepare your work for Publishers Day)

Please note:

  • Every book or artwork should be clearly marked with your name and contact details.
  • NO information about of any company or organisation can be displayed.
  • SCBWI (SA) does not accept liability for loss of or damage to property.
  • All material must reach us by NO LATER than Tuesday 28 July 2010. Otherwise you will have to bring it to the SCBWI stand at the Cape Town Book Fair before 11h00 on Saturday 31 July.

E-mail to get the address to which your material can be posted or delivered to and if you have any inquirers

Please arrange for your books or art works to be collected on Monday 2 August 2010 (16h00-17h00). Any material that has not been collected will be donated to a school of our (SCBWI SA) choice.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FEBRUARY 2010 (Cape Town)

Annual SCBWI (SA) Publishers Show & Tell Day

Region: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Friday, February 19, 2010

Time: 09h00 - 17h30

Enquiries: By e-mail to and (NB!) please put Enquiries - Publishers Day 2010 in your e-mail’s subject line.

Venue: Bellville Public Library, Bellville, Cape Town (Tel: +27 21 918-2300)

Cost: SCBWI members R80 and non-SCBWI members R140 (this includes tea/coffee & lunch).

RSVP: Since we have a limited number of slots available, kindly RSVP as soon as possible by e-mail to and (NB!) put Publishers Day 2010 in your e-mail’s subject line. Your e-mail must reach us by no later than 10 February 2010. We repeat, slots are limited and they will be allocated on a strict first-come-first-served basis.

Specific requirements: Please specify if you prefer a vegetarian lunch.

Description of Event: This will be a day for writers and illustrators to pitch their work to the publishers. It provides an opportu­nity for publishers to see what work our writers and illustrators have done during the past year and also for them to meet new writers and illustrators. We will send out specifications for your Personal Details Form after we have received your bookings.

The list of participating publishers will be distributed early in February 2010 and will be posted on early in February 2010.

Writers and Illustrators who are unable to attend: You can send a number of copies (the exact number to be made known as soon as the attending publishers have all confirmed – early February) of a set of three A4 pages consisting of your Personal Details Form (to be supplied) and two pages with examples of your work. We will then distribute these amongst the publishers participating at the event (the cost: R80).

Kindly send an e-mail (subject line: Publishers Day 2010 – Work for Distribution) to stating that you cannot attend the event but that you would like your work to be distributed physically to each of the attending publishers. This should reach us by no later than 5th February 2010. Upon receipt of your e-mailed booking we will send you a return e-mail with a blank Personal Details Form, payment details and the address to which you can mail or courier an envelope containing all the sets of copies of your forms and examples of your work to be distributed.

Notes for Writers and Illustrators:

The representatives from the publishers will be available for meetings from 09h00 to 17h30 on the day.

Each illustrator or writer will be scheduled into 15-minute slots to see one publisher at a time. As soon as the publishers have confirmed their attendance (end January) we will be able to let you know how many publishers you will be able to see during the day.

You must bring along a number of copies (the exact number to be made known as soon as the attending publishers have all confirmed – early January) of a set of three A4 pages consisting of your Personal Details Form (to be supplied) and two pages with examples of your work. You will hand one set to each publisher you meet with and a set will be given to each publisher you were unable to see due to the limited number of slots.

As soon as the list of participating publishers is circulated, you must send us a list of your preferences as to which specific publishers you would like to meet. Number your list of publishers from 1 to 10 in order of preference. We will then draw up a schedule on a first-come-first-served basis, filling up each publisher’s slots. We will e-mail you the completed schedule (grid) one week before the event.

Tips for Writers and Illustrators about pitching your work:

Make sure that the two pages with examples of your work have your name on and use a paper clip to keep the 3 pages together (DO NOT STAPLE & DON’T USE FANCY FOLDERS – this makes it difficult for the publishers to file you material). You can use both sides of the three sheets of paper – this way you will have 6 sides – but not more than three A4 sheets in total.

Make sure you use paper of a good quality. Images or type should not shine through.

Prepare yourself to do your whole pitch in less than 15 minutes. So make a list of information that you need/want to communicate to the publishers – do not waste precious time being chatty.

When showing and discussing your presentation, allow the publisher to give your work quality time and attention, rather than having to rush through a mass of work that cannot be appreciated in your allocated 15 minutes.

If you are pitching your work on a laptop computer make sure that you are comfortable doing it this way. Prepare a special, easily accessible folder with ONLY the work you want to show… It leaves a bad impression if you start searching for your files – and you lose valuable time.

Writers - Prepare a synopsis of your story(ies) with an extract of your manuscript to leave with the publishers. Rather try and get their permission to mail your complete manuscript to them or somebody else at their company. Remember, the person you see will be receiving a lot of material on that day. By mailing your manuscript(s) later (on paper or CD – ask them what they prefer) you will separate your work from the pile. When mailing your manuscript remember to inform the publisher in your covering letter whether you are sending your manuscript to any other publishers.

Illustrators - Prepare your portfolio of original illustrations (the one you will show to all the publishers and then take home with you) in such a way that it can be handled easily: preferably in an A3 or A4 folder that can be paged through. Rather select only a few of your best works than lots of examples with poor quality work amongst them. If your portfolio consists mostly of reproductions of your work (i.e. in published form) bring at least two original illustrations along as well. If you want to show copies of work that is currently at a publisher, make sure that those copies are of very high quality. Do not take too many examples of illustrations (10 is a good number).

IMPORTANT: This is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and to present your work to the publishers. You must not expect any feedback, comments or analysis of your work at this session – it will be the publishers’ sole decision whether they would like to make any further contact with any of the writers and illustrators they had seen at the day’s sessions.

Show & Tell Day Schedule for each Publisher

09h00 – 09h30 - Registration

09h30 – 09h45 – Slot 1

09h45 – 10h00 – Slot 2

10h00 – 10h15 - Slot 3

10h15 – 10h30 - BODY BREAK

10h30 – 10h45 – Slot 4

10h45 – 11h00 – Slot 5

11h00 – 11h15 – Slot 6

11h15 – 11h45 - COFFEE/TEA BREAK

11h45 – 12h00 – Slot 7

12h00 – 12h15 – Slot 8

12h15 – 12h30 – Slot 9

12h30 – 12h45 – Slot 10

12h45 – 13h00 – Slot 11

13h00 – 14h00 – LUNCH BREAK

14h00 – 14h15 – Slot 12

14h15 – 14h30 – Slot 13

14h30 – 14h45 – Slot 14

14h45 – 15h00 – Slot 15

15h00 – 15h15 - COFFEE/TEA BREAK

15h15 - 15h30 – Slot 16

15h30 – 15h45 – Slot 17

15h45 – 16h00 – Slot 18

16h15 – 16h30 – Slot 19

16h30 – 16h45 – BODY BREAK

16h45 – 17h00 – Slot 20

17h00 – 17h15 – Slot 21

17h15 – 17h30 – Contingency slot